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 MP40 poem from CoD forums

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PostSubject: MP40 poem from CoD forums   Fri Mar 27, 2009 5:25 pm

this a poem about a gun in Call of duty that someone made:

My dear MP-40, Why art thou so dominant?

For where ever I go, I see you there

With your round iron sight, and massive extended clip

Your recoil is horrible, but power so magnificant

Why art thou so dominant?

Could it be the needless use of Stopping Power?

Or maybe Double Tap?

No, no, that can't be it..

It must be Juggernaut!

Still, that doesn't soothe, why art thou so dominant?

It must be one thing, this one thing more than all.

That it takes no skill to kill, absolutely no skill at all!


made this originally.

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MP40 poem from CoD forums
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